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Binder + Wöhrle is a medium-sized company specializing in the production of high-quality Bowden Cables and Plastic Profiles, plastic hoses, plastic pipes and other plastic extrusion products. With modern machinery and many years of experience, we offer customized solutions for our customers, placing great emphasis on quality, precision and customer satisfaction. We process almost all plastics available on the market. Our dedicated team is constantly working on innovative solutions to meet the high demands of today’s and tomorrow’s market.

To support our dedicated team in meeting the high demands of today’s and tomorrow’s market, we place great emphasis on training and ongoing education. We offer our employees extensive training and development opportunities to continuously expand their expertise and keep them up-to-date. Discover a wide range of career opportunities with us and benefit from our commitment to building a motivated and qualified team.

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Bowden Cables
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Plastic Profiles
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Plastic Profiles, Tubes, Hoses and more

In Hausach in the Black Forest, we have been producing customer-specific Plastic Profiles, plastic hoses, plastic sheathing in the so-called extrusion process for over 50 years. In this process granulate is plasticized, conveyed and formed by a tool and calibration.

Through strategic investments in recent years, Plastic Profile extrusion grew into an important division of the company with a wide range of modern machinery. Today, Binder + Wöhrle specializes in the processing of engineering and high-performance plastics in the diameter range from Ø0.5 mm to Ø50 mm.

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Bowden Cables from Binder + Wöhrle

Bowden Cables transmit tensile and compressive forces and can be individually adapted to any application. Our production is specialized in the serial production of customized Bowden Cables for various industries. With a flexible assembly capacity, over 100,000 individually designed Bowden Cables can be produced annually. Binder + Wöhrle also produces small quantities, for example to serve replacement needs. In total, the company produces about 2 million actuating Cables per year.

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Binder + Wöhrle’s company location in Hausach in the Black Forest alone says a lot about the spirit of the company. Here in the upper Kinzig valley, close to the Swabian border, Baden joie de vivre…