Binder + Wöhrle produces many different variants of Bowden cables, plastic profiles, tubes, hoses, sheathing and more in Hausach in the Kinzig valley. Our machine park is broadly positioned and has been constantly renewed over the past years. Today, our customers benefit from modern production lines, proven processes and available capacities. More than sufficient space for our production areas and storage ensure reliable order processing even for short-term order peaks and deliveries with large quantities and volumes.

Extrusions Lines

On modern extrusion lines, our team produces customized plastic profiles, plastic pipes, plastic sheathing and more. The modular design of these machines allows different geometry and quality requirements to be reliably extruded. Different in-line modules are used to monitor diameters, wall thicknesses and geometries, print on to the plastic profiles, thermally rework them, mechanically separate or rewind them and more.

Controlling of Processes

Our colleagues are the heart of Binder + Wöhrle and contribute significantly to the entrepreneurial success. They monitor ongoing processes, control the machines and ensure the quality of the products through regular testing. Through continuous training and further education, we collectively promote individual further development in order to be able to master future challenges with the implementation of new ideas.

Plastic Injection Molding

Our machinery also includes six modern vertical and one horizontal injection molding machine. On these, extruded plastic pipes and profiles with complex connecting sleeves can be overmolded or injection-molded economically and with process reliability and housings or assembly parts. The large number of machines available beyond the operational necessity enables short response times for orders or short iteration cycles for development projects.

Manuell Assembly

In our assembly we manufacture various individual Bowden cables and further process extruded plastic profiles and tubes. The quantities vary between a few pieces with special requirements up to several 100,000 actuating cables and profiles per year. We master the handling of filigree components reliably and safely.

We always try to take the human element into account and at the same time appreciate the expertise of our experienced employees.

Storage and more

Extensive storage areas also enable our production to manufacture and provide large delivery volumes. This also enables us to purchase and store larger quantities of raw materials, which allows us to take advantage of economic scaling effects. Through strategic layout of the storage areas, we also already have additional space available to expand our production.