From the wire brush to the Bowden cable
In 1949, Ernst Binder and Fritz Wöhrle founded Binder + Wöhrle OHG to manufacture wire brushes for pot cleaning and pull-in aids for electric cables.
In the 1950s and 1960s, the company extended its product range to include bowden cable sleeves by the meter and accessories. It also became a specialist in the production of complete bowden cables and was a well-known manufacturer of bowden cables for bicycles and mopeds. Another mainstay was the production of bowden cable spirals, strands and ropes.

Entering the extrusion business
The acquisition of the first extruder for processing PVC in 1968 marked the beginning of the era of plastics extrusion. The production of pipes, hoses and the coating of spirals broadened the product range. In 1978, the first vertical injection molding machine for the overmolding of pipes was purchased.

Upheaval in the company history
Due to the bankruptcy of several German two-wheeler manufacturers in 1980 – 1984, the company lost a large share of its sales of bowden cables. However, with the sheathing of wires, a new line of business was established and the automotive industry was won as a new customer. In 1990 the company moved into the buildings at the present location.

After the early death of Ernst Binder in 1965, the company was run by Fritz Wöhrle together with his sons-in-law Helmut Merkle and Walter Schmid. Since 1979, the company has been operating under the name of Binder + Wöhrle GmbH und Co KG.

In 1998 Peter Wöhrle took over the management and granted individual power of attorney to Reinhard Rauber.
As early as 1999, the company was certified according to the standards DIN EN ISO 9001 (organization) and DIN EN ISO 14001 (environment).

New orientation

In 2011, the company was purchased by Klemens Isele and realigned.
Through sustained investment in new machinery and high-performance extrusion lines, Binder + Wöhrle covers the complete range of extrudable plastics. With the production of glass-fiber-reinforced plastic profiles, plastic pipes with adhesive tape or sheathing, extrusion became the innovation engine for the company. Through permanent experimentation, the company acquired a great deal of knowledge in the processing of technical and high-performance plastics.
New projects were also started in the bowden cable sector in the sanitary industry and in mechanical engineering. With the acquisition of the neighboring property in 2014 and the construction of a new production and storage hall in 2016, there is plenty of room for further innovative and creative solutions by Binder + Wöhrle in the future.