For over 50 years, Binder + Wöhrle is active in the field of plastic extrusion. Through many years of production, testing of new process methods and the constant will to face new challenges, a very broad know-how in the processing of all types of plastics could be built up. The extrusion of demanding technical and high-performance plastics distinguishes Binder + Wöhrle.

On customer request, we produce plastic profiles, pipes, sheathing, hoses, overmold pipes and profiles in plastic injection molding and rework the extruded products thermally and mechanically. Our machinery is designed for diameters ranging from 0.5 mm to 50 mm.

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Plastic Profiles

Plastic profiles are elongated moldings, which are usually extruded from thermoplastics. They find a very wide range of applications due to the combination of various advantages. They are light, durable, hard, impact resistant and long-lasting. As a result, they are increasingly replacing materials such as metal in the automotive, sanitary, medical technology and construction sectors. Not least because complex geometries can be manufactured reliably and cost-effectively.

Plastic Pipes

Plastic extrusion produces plastic pipes and hoses in all imaginable colors, materials, contours and wall thicknesses. According to the customer’s requirements, the hoses are wound on spools or cut to length. They are often used for the transport of liquids or gases. In addition, the applications in industry extend through all sectors, such as the conveying of small parts or as sheaths for Bowden cable applications.

Plastic Sheathings

Despite all the advantages of plastics, there are applications in which the material properties do not meet the requirements. For example, metal wires and wire ropes cannot be economically and/or technically replaced by plastics. However, to improve their resistance to environmental influences and chemicals, sliding and friction properties, they are often coated with a plastic layer. Binder + Wöhrle is able to produce customer-specific sheathings for strands and ropes with diameters ranging from 0.35mm to 12mm.

Plastic Hoses

Binder + Wöhrle also has broad knowledge in hose extrusion. Various process variants can be used, such as co-extrusion or the sheathing of tubes and hoses. It is thus possible to serve a wide range of applications. This ranges from multilayer hoses and tubes to hose-cable combinations and thin-walled hoses.

Plastic Profiles

The applications and geometries of plastic profiles can vary greatly. Their properties can be further influenced and optimized by mixing in additives. It is also possible to color plastic pipes and profiles individually. Furthermore, ropes and sheaths can also be coated with profiles or extruded profiles and tubes can be added inline with adhesive strips.

Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding makes it possible to further process the plastic pipes and profiles produced, thus significantly increasing the production depth and added value. Connecting parts can be molded directly onto the pipes and therefore significantly simplify the assembly of the pipes and profiles. In addition, the production and assembly of any connecting parts is eliminated.

Further Processing

After the production of plastic profiles and tubes, post-processing is often required to meet the requirements of an application. At Binder + Wöhrle, you can benefit from a range of post-processing options. At the customer’s request, we bend, compress, bead and reshape their products specifically.

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