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Plastic Profiles made of Polypropylen – PP

Polypropylene belongs to the semi-crystalline plastics and the family of polyolefins. PP is one of the most commonly used types of plastic. It combines many advantageous attributes such as low density, chemical resistance and low moisture absorption. Like PE, polypropylene is plasticizer-free and physiologically harmless and is therefore frequently used in applications in the sanitary and food industries. A special feature of PP is that strain hardening is low with frequent buckling. This enables the use of so-called living hinges. Mechanical post-processing is possible to a limited extent. However, it should be emphasized that the surface of PP can be galvanized with noble metal salts or zinc.

Different types can be used in the processing of polypropylene. At Binder + Wöhrle, PP is used either as a homopolymer or as a copolymer.

The homopolymer is not adapted by any further admixtures. This plastic exhibits high hardness, stiffness and tensile strength. A certain toughness is also present. However, breakage can occur comparatively quickly with thin wall thicknesses.

In the copolymerization process, another olefin is added. This may be a modified PP or a PE, for example. This further increases the toughness of the plastic.

Binder + Wöhrle processes polypropylene both in the field of plastic extrusion and plastic injection molding. B + W has many different types in use and produces customized plastic pipes, hoses -profiles, -sheathings, -connections and much more in the diameter range of 0.5 – 50 mm.

Technical Data

  • PP
    • Density: 0,90–0,907 g/cm³
    • Tensile Strength: 21-37 N/mm²
    • Minimum Temperatur continuous: -30 – 0°C
    • Maximum Temperatur continuous: 100°C

Advantages of Polypropylen – PP

+ low density

+ plasticizer-free

+ galvanizability

+ low work hardening

+ low water absorption

+good resistance

Tradenames of Polypropylen

Akrolen, Daplen, Vestolen, Hostacom, Sabic, Piolen, …

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