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Plastic Profiles made of Polyetherimid – PEI

Polyetherimide, or PEI for short, is one of the high-performance thermoplastics. It is characterized by high mechanical strength and rigidity. It is also translucent, has a slightly yellowish appearance, and has very good thermal and electrical properties. The good sliding properties and friction values of this high-performance plastic are maintained even at high temperatures. In addition, polyetherimide is highly resistant to radiation and chemicals. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that PEI is especially creep-resistant even at very high temperatures. The flame resistance of this plastic is very high and is only surpassed by fluoropolymers.

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Illustration of various Plastic Profiles

PEI is used when sliding friction occurs without lubrication at high temperatures, good mechanical properties are required and radiation loads are present. Due to its moderate price, the field of application extends very far. Typical applications are profiles, rails, guides, sealing elements, closure plates and many more in the electrical industry, nuclear reactor plants, vacuum technology, aerospace and others.

Binder + Wöhrle processes PEI in the field of plastic extrusion and injection molding. B + W has different types in use and produces customized plastic pipes, hoses -profiles, -sheathings, ¬connections and much more in the diameter range of 0.5 – 50 mm.

Technical Data

  • PEI
    • Density: 1,27 g/cm³
    • Tensile Strength: 85 – 105 N/mm²
    • Minimum Temperatur continuous: -170°C
    • Maximum Temperatur continuous: 170°C

Advantages of Polyetherimid

+ High strength

+ translucent

+ good sliding properties

+ good friction values

+ creep resistant

+ very flame resistant

Tradenames of Polyetherimid

Extem, Ultem, Tecapei, …

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