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Plastic Profiles made of Polyetheretherketon – PEEK

Polyetheretherketone, or PEEK for short, is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic and belongs to the group of high-performance plastics. This plastic is used where conventional materials such as POM or PA reach their technical limits. PEEK is the most heat-resistant plastic and can best withstand radiation. In addition, it is characterized by very good mechanical properties such as high strength, impact strength and creep resistance, which hardly change until just below the glass transition temperature. Furthermore, the plastic is very wear-resistant and dimensionally stable over a long time.

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Illustration of various Plastic Profiles

PEEK is used, for example, in mechanical engineering, medical technology in electrical insulators and in other areas where standard and engineering plastics reach their mechanical and thermal load limits. Often, its outstanding properties are used to replace metal components.

Binder + Wöhrle processes PEEK in the field of plastic extrusion and injection molding. B + W has different types in use and produces customized plastic tubes, hoses -profiles, -sheathings, ¬connectors and much more in the diameter range of 0.5 – 50 mm.

Technical Data

  • PEEK
    • Density: 1,32 g/cm³
    • Tensile Strength: 90 N/mm²
    • Minimum Temperatur continuous: o. A.°C
    • Maximum Temperatur continuous: 250°C

Advantages of Polyetheretherketon – PEEK

+ high temperature resistance

+ high strength

+ high impact strength

+ high creep resistance

+ high wear resistance

+ long dimensional stability

Tradenames of Polyetheretherketon

Avasire, Gatone, Vestakeep, Tecapeek, Victrex …

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