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Plastic Profiles made of Polyamid – PA

Polyamide, PA for short, is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic. A large number of different variants can be distinguished. These can be divided primarily into two groups, which differ in the recurring polymer chain building blocks. In the first group, the basic units consist of AB polymers. These include, for example, PA6, PA11 or PA12. The polymer chains of the second group are formed by AA/BB units, for example PA46, PA66 or PA69.

To optimize the properties between the polyamides, blended polymers are used, for example PA6/66.

In general, the various polyamide grades differ only slightly.

Darstellung von Kunststoffprofilen
Illustration of various Plastic Profiles

In the dry state, PA components tend to be hard and brittle. In addition, this plastic has very good sliding and wear properties. When designing polyamide profiles, however, it should be noted that the modulus of elasticity decreases due to water absorption, the component becomes tougher and dimensional changes occur. This can, of course, be counteracted by adding additives.

Polyamide can be processed in all common processes for thermoplastics. However, the very low viscosity of the melt must be taken into account. Post-processing via welding, bonding or machining is also possible.

Typical applications of polyamide are bearings, gears, rollers, pipes, hoses, profiles in automotive engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and others.

Binder + Wöhrle processes PA in the field of plastic extrusion as well as in plastic injection molding. B + W has many different types in use and produces customized plastic tubes, hoses -profiles, -sheathings, ¬connectors and much more in the diameter range of 0.5 – 50 mm.

Technical Data

  • PA6
    • Density: 1,13 g/cm³
    • Tensile Strength: 70-85 N/mm²
    • Minimum Temperatur continuous: o. A.°C
    • Maximum Temperatur continuous: 90°C
  • PA12
    • Density: 1,02 g/cm³
    • Tensile Strength: 56-65 N/mm²
    • Minimum Temperatur continuous: o. A.°C
    • Maximum Temperatur continuous: 80-100°C

Advantages of Polyamid – PA

+ good mechanical properties

+ good formability

+ abrasion resistant

+ wear resistant

Tradenames of Polyamid

PA6: Akromid, Ultramid B, Nypel, Staramide, Rilsamid, Grilamid, Durethan …

PA12: Cristamid, Rilsan, Vestamid, Sustamid …

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