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High-Performance Plastic

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Plastic Profiles made of Perflouralkoxy – PFA

PFA, short for perflouralkoxy, is a perfluorinated, semi-crystalline, thermoplastic high-performance plastic. This is closely related to PTFE. Both are known by their trade name Teflon. The plastic is characterized by excellent chemical and mechanical properties. In addition, it has very high temperature resistance and resistance to UV radiation. PFA also has very good electrical properties, is plasticizer-free and physiologically harmless. The water absorption of the plastic is close to zero, the weather resistance is very good and the flame resistance is outstanding.

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Illustration of various Plastic Profiles

Teflon is known from space suits and non-stick coatings in pans. The application area of PFA is mainly in the technical field, where requirements for thermal and chemical resistance as well as mechanical forces are high.

Perflouralkoxy is used especially in the construction of chemical plants, in the food, pharmaceutical, construction or electrical industries. Typical applications are cable insulation, pipes and profiles, which have to withstand high chemical and mechanical conditions.

Binder + Wöhrle processes PFA in the field of plastic extrusion as well as in plastic injection molding. B + W has different types in use and produces customized plastic pipes, hoses -profiles, -sheathings, ¬connections and much more in the diameter range of 0.5 – 50 mm.

Technical Data

  • PFA
    • Density: 2,10 – 2,17 g/cm³
    • Tensile Strength: 25 N/mm²
    • Minimum Temperatur continuous: -200°C
    • Maximum Temperatur continuous: 260°C

Advantages of Perflouralkoxy – PFA

+ very good chemical properties

+ temperature resistant

+ resistance to UV radiation

+ water absorption approaches zero

+ high resistance to weathering

+ flame resistant

Tradenames of Perflouralkoxy

Dyneon PFA, Foralkyl, Hyflon, Teflon, …

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