Connecting Parts for Bowden Cable Sheats

Connecting parts for Bowden cable sheaths are used to lock the Bowden cable sheath in its position on the housing, motor, door or chair. Individually designed connector parts allow for very easy assembly, so that the sheath can be clipped directly to a housing. Furthermore, the connecting parts of the Bowden cable sheath ensure that the actuating force is applied evenly to the sheath.

Machined End Parts
Plastic Connectors
Adjusting Screws
Standardized Connecting Parts

The shaping of the connecting parts is almost unlimited. In simple cases, standardized connectors can be used. Of course, the most diverse types machined parts can also be individually produced and pressed onto Bowden cable sheats. In prototype development of Bowden cable applications an increasing amount of 3D-printed parts is being used to create first variants. This makes it possible to create individual and very detailed connectors. In addition, first samples of the whole actuating system can be constructed in no time. At Binder + Wöhrle, we combine the advantages of individualization of 3D printing and cost efficiency of standardized parts by injection molding the connection parts onto the Bowden cable sheats using plastics.

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Overview of the Connecting Parts for Bowden Cable Sheats

Turned and Milled Connection Parts

Turned and milled parts offer the possibility to customize the shape of the end connection of the Bowden cable sheath. Individually machined solutions of the Bowden cable end connections are used when the connecting part of the Bowden cable sheath must withstand and transmit a greater force with a low wall thickness. They are mainly used for prototyping and small series, since here the tooling costs for an injection molded part are not in proportion to the volume.

Injection Molded Connecting Parts

Liquid injection molding of plastic enables the production of angled shapes in a process-safe and cost-efficient manner. However, it must be ensured that a sufficiently strong connection is made between the connection part and the Bowden cable sheath and that the material of the connecting part can withstand the stresses of the Bowden cable’s power transmission.

If the prerequisites are met, injection molding offers a cost-efficient and process-safe way with almost limitless shaping options to produce connection parts onto the Bowden cable sheath.

Adjusting Screws

A special design of connecting parts for Bowden cable sheaths are the so-called adjusting screws. An adjusting screw is often used in combination with one or two nuts and a long nut. Depending on the application, an adjusting screw can be mounted at the end of a Bowden cable sleeve or between two sections of a Bowden cable sheat. It is possible to thread the adjusting screw loosely onto the inner cable or to press it onto the Bowden cable sheaths.

The use of adjusting screws allows the length of the Bowden cable sheath to be adjusted or changed after the actuating cable has been mounted in its position.

Standardized Connecting Parts

Standardized connection parts of the Bowden cable sheath are used especially for simple actuating cables. These cable end connections are usually very simple in shape and can lock the Bowden cable sheat to a housing via a rounded notch. In large volumes, standard sleeves are produced as machined parts, as these can be standardized and produced fully automated. The connection to the Bowden cable sleeve is achieved by press-fitting. In some cases, the sleeves are only threaded on.

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